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    I'm Lau





    Filmmaker & Photographer

    born & raised in sunny south florida

    inspired by my travels & beautiful people

    working in los angeles


  • About Me

    Born & raised in sunny South Florida, I'm a Colombian-American filmmaker currently based in Los Angeles primarily as a freelance editor, as well as a director, producer, photographer, colorist & 1st AD. After graduating from USC’s School of Cinematic Arts with a Film & TV Production BFA and a jack-of-all-trades attitude, I've been working on music videos, weddings, short films, trailers, and documentaries through the independent company I'm founding with my filmmaking partners, Party of Seven Productions.


    My personal experience as a low-income, Latinx Trans person inspires me to infuse all my work with honesty, vulnerability, & reality, never forgetting a healthy dose of cosmic humor and the 3-point mantra: “Emotion, Rhythm, & Story.” I have a special interest in cultivating fearless, character-driven narratives for both fiction & non-fiction media, focusing on stories about gender & power-based harm, personal autonomy, complicated socioeconomic conditions, and unusual intimate relationships. Although I'm not married to any particular genre, I'm passionate about utilizing dark, comedic, & thrilling tones to convey the messages in my work.

  • Film Work

    A selection of my work in reels, followed by a link that takes you to the full-length films in my portfolio:

    Directing Reel

    Featuring various directing exercises from my time at USC as well as clips from "After School Games" (2021) & "Caught on Film" (2022)

    Editing Reel 

    Featuring clips from the films "Wonderbird" (2021), "Cabbage" (2022), and "Caught on Film" (2022)

    Color Reel

    Featuring clips from:
    "Wonderbird" (2021)
    "Saw it in a Movie" (2023)
    "Becoming Bigfoot" (2024)
    "Brooke x Gavin's Wedding" (2023)
    Unreleased Music Video - Munachimso (2023)


    Click below to see my films in full length

  • Education 

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    University of Southern California

    Bachelor of Fine Arts (B.F.A.) 2019-2023

    Film & TV Production 

  • Reach Out

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